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You have finally replaced that traditional, manual inventory system with a new cloud-based inventory management system and the future is undoubtedly promising. But wait! You’ve got to convince your employees to take it up.

Human beings are somewhat resistant to change. Although a majority of the modern inventory management tools like DataQlick are easy to use, you might still find employees who do not fancy the new technology and prefer the old routine. Whether you have 5 or 100 employees, it’s always hard to bring everyone on board. Here are tips to help you and your team hit the ground running immediately:

Engage Everyone Even before the Transition

Do not surprise your team with a memo directing them to take up a new management system. Instead, engage each one of them from the moment you figure out that a change is needed. Seek their opinion on current inefficiencies and failings and encourage them to suggest possible solutions before a decision is made. That way, they will see the sense of trying out a new way of doing things.

Explain the Benefits

Make sure to explicitly point out the benefits of the new system. If it’s a mobile inventory app, point out the convenience of taking stock while at the airport, for instance, without the need to physically walk into the warehouse. Inform them about the increased productivity, elimination of overstocking or understocking, or the ditching of expensive software if there’s any. Explain how the business as a whole will benefit from the change, particularly highlighting the ability to increase profitability.

Make Good Use of Vendor Customer Service

Make an effort to incorporate at least one or two training sessions into the usual program. Most importantly, engage the inventory software vendor in the training and encourage the employees to seek support and guidance on any tools they might have difficulties using. Be sure to collect feedback from all stakeholders and forward the same to the service provider. That way, it’s easier to identify challenges and even suggest possible improvements.

A new inventory management system should not be intimidating to employees. As the people with the most intimate knowledge about the business, they should be convinced that change is absolutely necessary.