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If the threat of large companies looms over you, keep calm and do what you’re doing better. The big resources, big budgets, and talent pool of large competitors may be daunting, but as a small business, you have a couple of advantages over them. The size of your company itself is an advantage, together with the flexibility it entails. Here’s how to use that to your advantage to outsmart large companies.

Focus on the Details

In a world full of multinationals and corporate behemoths, customers have come to appreciate above all else personalized services and attention to detail. Customer service is the small business advantage. Focus on customer service: treat your customers warmly (online, on the phone, as well as face to face), and do small things that will delight them, such as sending them personalized emails, taking the trouble to wrap up their ordered items nicely, or offering them loyalty discounts and benefits. Also, consider investing in an online inventory system to simplify inventory management and have more time for your customers.

Be Innovative and Creative

For all the hype that creativity and innovation are getting these days, the truth is that most large companies are slow to implement new ideas into their product development or customer approach because they are prevented by the rigidity of their organizational and management structures. It’s so much easier for you, as a small business, to be Eco-friendly, quickly act out on your ideas, run audacious marketing campaigns, and experiment with new product and service concepts. Using a flexible and reliable sales and inventory software for small business can help you make your ideas come true.

Do Business Scientifically

By using the scientific approach of observing, hypothesizing, experimenting, analyzing, and testing, you can do what many of your large competitors can’t because of their size and the slowness inherent in it: develop new products and services that appeal to your customers at a fast pace. The full control you have over your business, your entrepreneurial spirit, and the flexibility of your team, coupled with innovative cloud-based apps such as Quickbooks, Dropbox, or DashboardStream sales and inventory software for small business will help you succeed.

In the end, remember that as a small business, you have the flexibility necessary to constantly evolve and improve your processes and operations at a faster pace your your larger and more rigid competitors. To be able to successfully innovate and improve take advantage of an online inventory system, a sales forecasting inventory tool, data analytics, and the many other cloud-based tools specially designed for SMBs.