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If you’ve been thinking that the investment needed for a small business strategy with social media simply isn’t worth the effort, you may want to reconsider. We’ve brought together a list of 5 ways a well-run social media presence can benefit every business from the smallest Mom & Pop to the next Big Thing.

  1. Frugal Lead Generation

What does every company always need? More customers. Posting on social media outlets like Facebook and Pinterest invite interaction between your company and the general public. This includes long time customers as well as a huge untapped source of new customers. When someone comments that’s a new lead for a new customer – the best and most economical form of lead generation to date.

  1. It Legitimizes Your Brand

If you’re not online, you simply don’t exist. Today that extends to being on social media, as well. Tell someone you don’t have a Facebook page and they’re likely to see you as being, at best, a bit weird. Worst case scenario, they’ll see your company as sketchy or unstable.

  1. It Enhances Business Forecasting

These days, business forecasting has become accessible for companies of every size. Options in small business inventory forecasting app programs and suite have made it easier than ever for companies to plan for the future. Data from social media outlets can add a new dimension to these forecasts thanks to the extra data they generate.

  1. It Gives a Boost to Original Content

Original content is still the king on the Internet and your social media outlets can give you a leg up there, too. Whether you’re focused on creating unique Pins or using Facebook posts and Tweets to direct traffic to your blog, it makes your content shareable to an audience outside of your regular subscribers.

  1. It Gives Your Company a Personality

People want to do business with other people. Being involved in social media humanizes your company both by interacting directly with customers and showcasing the people who make your company great. Share your company’s history, profile the people who make your business hum, and celebrate what makes your company great — the people behind it.