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In 2015, Facebook decided to make a few changes. Nothing new there, but what you may not realize is that some of those changes were meant to help small businesses. Since more than 45 million companies now have a home on the social media site, the site has begun to roll out a number of options that make doing business on the far reaching platform easier.

Call to action buttons have been an option for Facebook companies for a while now, but in 2015, Facebook expanded what they offered to include Call Now, Contact Us and other buttons. This gives companies the ability to market themselves more effectively while also making them more accessible to both current and potential customers. They also expanded company pages to include dedicated sections for Shopping and Services.

New options for the mobile version of the site have also been introduced and will continue to roll out through the first part of 2016. This could make Facebook one of the newest — and now largest — ecommerce sales tools a company can use.

Facebook also offered up enhancements on how a company can use their platform to market themselves. They announced a number of improvements to their Conversion Lift advertising measurement tool so that companies can track the success of campaigns directly through Facebook as well as through integrated ecommerce inventory software packages.

Overall, these changes give companies better control on how they present themselves through social media as well as how they can measure success. Since both mobile and social media platforms are expected to take off in 2016, getting on board with these changes now could easily get a company ahead of the game for the coming year.