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Traditionally, different areas of business analysis were kept separate and only brought together quarterly or, in some cases, annually. Today, integration and transparency when it comes to data are the driving forces behind business growth and marketing campaigns.

The relationship between accounting and both inventory and sales is one that can be used to help improve a business in many ways. That’s why so many companies today realize they need a hybrid of accounting inventory software that will fit into their current operation.

QuickBooks has been the Go To accounting software for small business for years, even before it was branded under the QuickBooks name. Intuit has been offering accounting packages since their creation in the early 1980s, making them an established provider for personal and small business finance.

With millions of users worldwide, companies looking for an inventory management application often have questions about its compatibility with Intuit QuickBooks. Of course, QuickBooks isn’t the only game in town, but it sets the precedent in terms of flexibility and compatibility with other programs.

In order for companies to work with an Intuit QuickBooks app for inventory management, they need to find a package that can import, export and communicate with the infamous accounting package. If they can find one that works with QuickBooks, this is often a good indication that the program will be compatible with other software suites, as well.

At the end of the day, integration between accounting and inventory should be included even in stand-alone packages. QuickBooks, for example, does offer some form of inventory management, though not quite as robust as what many companies need in order to operate in the global marketplace of the 21st Century.

Cloud-based inventory programs that integrate and communicate with established accounting packages such as QuickBooks offer the perfect bridge. Companies are able to maintain accounting protocols and procedures that have proven beneficial while still expanding their business. Finding the necessary software to facilitate this union can be a challenge, but as companies grow, so too must their internal software.