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Published in 2012, the classic work entitled Sales Management: Analysis and Decision Making is a must read for small business owners who want to improve their sales management and generate outstanding results. Thomas N. Ingram, Raymond W. LaForge, and Michael R. Williams, to name a few of its contributors, recognize the remarkable effects of proper sales management and effectively convey the best practices of this process in an accessible language.

Sales Management: Analysis and Decision Making’s first chapter, “Changing World of Sales Management” resonates with small business owners who have adopted new technologies and use a small business inventory forecasting app. Divided into 5 parts, the text sheds light on issues such as the personal selling function, the strategic role of the sales within a business, developing and directing the salesforce, and determining the salesforce’s effectiveness and performance.

The book, whose 8th edition has 424 pages, has been constantly updated in order to provide a comprehensive and most accurate coverage of contemporary sales management. It is quite anchored in issues and topics that most sales managers are dealing with and, alongside a small business inventory forecasting app, can be a valuable tool for any business owner.

Providing the reader with real life examples, this book integrates the sales management and sales analysis processes into the bigger picture of running a business. Equipped with guidelines on decision-making and on successfully performing sales analysis, the text can help increase your productivity. It also draws attention to the fact that inventory supply management may alter the results and profit of your business.

The tasks that sales managers must perform, according to the text, are planning and implementing aspects of personal selling, but also evaluating and improving these activities. In the past, these would cost businesses a large amount of money, but today, because of online management tools such as small business inventory forecasting applications, small business owners can manage their sales effectively at a very low cost.

This sales management book comes in handy if you want to boost your sales in a sustainable way. Together with a small business inventory forecasting app, it can simplify the sales analysis process for your business, with long-term positive effects.