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By now, most companies know that using Twitter can improve their social media standing and make it easier for customers, the general public and industry colleagues to stay in touch. But few realize that Twitter can serve another purpose — improving customer service.

What People Are Saying

Social media monitoring is an effective way to learn what people are saying about your company, but it can be cost prohibitive. That’s’ where Twazzup comes in. It’s a free service that you can use to see who is mentioning your company even if they aren’t connected to you. This can help you learn about dissatisfied customers or misconceptions about your products, services or company culture.

Keeping Relevant and Tracking Trends

Twinitor is a great Twitter search engine to search for industry specific keywords and hashtags. This is especially helpful not only to learn what people are talking about within your industry, but also to gain insight for new product line ideas. Connect what you find with your ecommerce inventory management team and you’ve got some readymade R&D!

Truly Connected

In addition to these tools, Twitter also gives you a great chance to connect with customers — past, present and potential — in a casual and accessible way. Twitter is popular with younger people and, according to studies, Twitter users are more likely to follow a brand or company than Facebook users. So if you want to be in touch with a younger demographic and boost your overall profile, Twitter is well worth considering.

To incorporate it into your social media routine, be sure to have a few days — or weeks — worth of tweets pre-written and ready to go. At the same time, it’s important not to rely entirely on canned content — the biggest driving point of Twitter is that it reacts to the world in the moment. Be ready to jump on and fire off something relevant when bog news occurs or there’s a trend you want to make the most of. Above all else, remember that being online means being in front of your customers and the public — so think twice before you tweet!