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Everyone’s talking about using the cloud, and it’s become increasingly popular for good reason. Cloud technologyhas made it possible for companies with multi-channel sales outlets to track sales, orders and stock levels more accurately, improving everything from customer service to inventory management. It’s also become the best way to share important data with every member of your team.

But all that connectivity can come with a price. Staying safe while making the most of cloud technology is an equally important issue. So we’ve brought together some top tips to help your company data stay safe while making the most of this inclusive new technology.

Consider the Data You Have

Sensitive data can be found just about anywhere and not all data is created equal. The information kept in Human Resource databases, for example, is much more sensitive than your inventory information — though both are worth protecting. Take some time to consider specific security levels and measures you will need to protect each form of data, including how many teams, individuals and departments should be granted to access to each data type.


Some companies only opt for encryption on data they feel is “worthy”. But the fact is, any data you have is well worth encrypting. Memos, emails, inventory and sales data — it’s all vital to your business and should be protected from falling into the wrong hands. So encrypt absolutely everything.

Monitor Access

In addition to putting up security measures and encrypting your data, it’s important to monitor who is accessing your network on a regular basis. If employees are uploading files on mobile devices or sharing passwords your network can become vulnerable. So keep an eye on who’s doing what and from where in order to mitigate your company’s exposure to hackers.