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A sales analysis isn’t something I’m really good at without some help. When I look at a set of numbers from sales and inventory across a period of time I can tell whether or not we’re going in the right direction, but that’s about it. Trying to determine selling patterns or overall profit on our inventory or on a certain product just isn’t something I can do by looking at a spreadsheet.

That’s why I appreciate what the Sales Analyses tab can offer in DataQlick. With DataQlick’s easy to understand graphs, reports and display, I can get the raw data I’m used to seeing as well as information that’s broken down, compiled and presented in a way that gives me a better understanding of how we’re doing.

The Sales Analyses tools allow me to see our sales as a whole over any period of time, which means I can spot patterns in seasonal spikes and lulls. I can also go in and see the overall performance of a single item in my stock. Whether I’m looking at my inventory as a whole or a single piece — DataQlick gives me our overall sales and even breaks it down to my profit margin by showing me what we’ve sold, how much we paid and how much we charged. Being able to zoom in this way means I can better manage warehouse space, cash flow on orders and determine which of my products are yielding the best profits — and which I can consider dropping.

DQ – Sales Analyses

I’m also a very visual person. So their options on different reports helps me to better visualize where we are now in order for me to get with my management team and figure out how to get where we want to be. Being able to see our progress and success in a graphic way breaks everything down in a way that’s easier to understand and apply.

DQ – Sales Analyses Reports

Quite simply, DataQlick is a retail sales analysis software like nothing I’ve ever seen or used before. It’s large-scale business intelligence for smaller companies — something that I’ve just never seen before. For us, it has made the difference when it comes to planning and growth.