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Forget about spreadsheets and slow and ugly inventory management software – online inventory management system DataQlick makes inventory control and planning a straightforward and effective process. One of the highlights of the DataQlick inventory app is its streamlined 2-tab inventory management view and control feature.

As you can see in the screenshot above, DataQlick’s inventory management comes with two tabs, the Inventory Manager View, and the Inventory Manager Controls.

Above the tabs you have a quick overview of the state of the inventory, including Total Cost of Inventory, Active Items, Items On Order, and Low Stock Items. Notice the red Low Stock warning — this serves as a quick and easy reminder that items on your stock are running out. These numbers are updated in real time to reflect the latest changes in your stock. They enable you to get a quick idea of the condition of your stock.

The first tab, the Inventory Manager View shows you your current stock items. Each of them comes with a Description, Unit Price, Purchase Cost, Current Inventory Cost, Quantity on Hand/Order, Average Monthly Sales, and Re-order Point/Days to Minimum Levels. You can sort your inventory based on any of these values. The compact, well-ordered interface makes it possible for you to check stock-related data and sort it much faster than with a spreadsheet.

In addition to this data, you can tap on the arrow at the end of the tab to view Profit Margins, Last Order Date, and Last Order Quantity for each item.

If you want to hunt for a specific item in a long inventory, the filter bar in the top right of the tap makes your task really fast.

More than allowing you to view items, the Inventory Manager View tab in DataQlick comes with a useful Task feature through which you can create tasks with notes, comments, images, and tags and delegate them to your team members. This feature can help create synergy between your inventory team members.

The true power of DataQlick’s online inventory management system, however, is the Inventory Manager Controls. With it you can easily identify Low Stock, Over Stock, and Proper Levels items using color-coding, as well as see key stats such as Average Monthly Sales, Minimum and Maximum Re-Ordering Points, Vendor, and Quantities for each stock item.

Tap on the small button in the right corner of the tab and inventory sales for the last 6 months and Recommended Inventory Purchases appear, helping you make important stock decisions more easily. The Recommended Inventory Purchases is an extremely potent feature that takes into account the past performance of each item and makes for a powerful sales forecasting inventory tool.

Tapping on the small graphics icon, you access powerful Sales and Forecast Recommendations In Units and 16 Months Profit, Cogs, and Profit Margin graphs showing the performance of your inventory and making you easier to decide which items to order.

Also in this tab you will find a Purchase Order Draft (PO Draft) you can quickly fill with your Shipping Information and Desired Inventory and Quantities and then process, send via email, add to tasks, or save as a PDF. It’s as easy as that.

As you can see, DataQlicks’ 2-tab item management view and control comes with a streamlined interface that takes the hassle out of stock management, improving inventory control planning, and providing the key data you need to make better stock decisions. Try it now to get a taste of it yourself.