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Inventory management and control are crucial to the success and optimization of any retail business that requires an inventory. By controlling and managing your inventory, it is easier to get to grips with your inventory demand and avoid over-stocking on inventory so that you don’t incur unnecessary extra costs.

That said, inventory management and inventory control could be optimized using business analytics. Business analytics is the act of analyzing all areas of your business with the view to improvement. One way in particular is by analyzing sales data. Sales data gives you insight into what products are selling well and what products aren’t. If you know this, you can adjust your inventory accordingly.

By making changes to your inventory based on business analysis, you can be guaranteed that you’re making intelligent business decisions on a solid basis. As well as introducing more of stock that is selling well, you can abandon obsolete stock that isn’t selling. While this will hurt in the short term (because you’re making a loss on abandoned items), it will increase the efficiency in the long run.

The biggest challenge that small business owners face is having too much data to analyze. There are now a number of applications on the market that can help, such as inventory analysis and planning app DataQlick. This inventory analysis and planning app allows all inventory information to be stored together with sales data and other business data. What’s more is that the information is concise and grouped together in a logical way. This makes analysis of the information much easier.

This type of inventory analysis and planning app increased the possibility of furthering simple business intelligence of small businesses so that they can compete with larger businesses. Inventory control and management applications have leveled the playing field and are an extremely important breakthrough for business development for the small business owner.