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Want to grow your business? You’ll need the inside track on business intelligence. This approach uses data in order to aid decision making when it comes to everything from purchase and warehousing to marketing and promotions. It pulls data from every available source to give you the big picture you need in order to make the best decisions.

Business intelligence is all about gathering data from different areas of your company in order to give you the best view of how your company is performing so that you can best decide how to guide its future. The only way to accomplish this effectively is to use software packages that are built upon a foundation of integration and communication.

DataQlick fits into this role perfectly. With its integration features and cloud-based foundation, DataQlick can quickly and effectively communicate with every aspect of your business. Use its QuickBook integration to incorporate accounting and its Shopify integration to include the most current sales data across every channel you use.

This integration and cross-platform communication not only helps you to develop the business intelligence you need to get ahead, it also plays a vital role in ERP, or Enterprise Resource Planning. Develop strategies on how best to dedicate the resources you have with regards to purchasing, manpower and warehousing or plan next quarter’s budget more effectively.

If you want to learn how your business is running, data is the key. When it’s time to apply that knowledge, you’ll need a program that can act as a central hub across your sales, accounting and marketing departments. Simply put, DataQlick offers a well-rounded foundation for both business intelligence and ERP. These methods can improve any size business by giving them the information they need to plan for the future and learn from the past.