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While many businesses are well aware of the importance of their customer order management system and invest heavily in it to improve sales, their approach toward purchase order management is often more neglectful. So much so that many businesses continue to use manual inventory procedures instead of implementing an automated mobile-friendly inventory solution. Don’t make the same mistake. Improving your purchase order management process can bring you a significant return on your investment.


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Reduces Stocking and Shipping Errors

Stocking and shipping errors are unavoidable — there is no easy solution for entirely eliminating them. However, a productive inventory control app with built-in purchase order management can dramatically reduce the number of shipping and inventory errors that inevitably arise when dealing with multiple suppliers or vendors. The automation and standardization that such a solution brings to your business minimizes human input errors, while the possibility to sync your purchase order with your accounting software such as QuickBooks further eliminates errors.

Makes Multichannel Inventory Management More Effective

Even small local businesses are becoming increasing reliant on effective multichannel inventory management practices. By enabling you to manage all supplies easily in one place, as well as to draw upon multichannel sales data, a powerful inventory order management process helps ensure optimal warehouse stock, which accurately reflect the needs of customers. Adding new vendors, suppliers, and warehouses to your inventory control strategy and managing them effectively becomes a more streamlined process with a multichannel inventory management solution.

Reduces Inventory Management Expenses

Staffing costs can be decreased by increasing the level of automation your purchase order management system provides. Instead of having to handle the routine practicalities of stock management and re-ordering, employees can focus on improving customer satisfaction by providing a better customer support service or becoming a part of the company’s social media marketing effort. An advanced purchase order system integrates into your inventory app for small business automated warnings for low stock as well as automated replenishment and reordering capabilities. By doing so, staffing costs are lowered and employees gain more time for more creative tasks.

Reduces Customer Complaints

Many customer complaints trace their origins to inventory management, revolving around product unavailability and delayed shipping due to out of stock issues. With its smart trackers and real-time data, an advanced purchase order system virtually eliminates these issues by helping you optimize stock control. This can be especially important for an online business, where out of stock or shipping problems can undermine its reputation.

In the end, the cost of an effective purchase order management system should not deter your business from adopting one. An inventory app for small business that offers productive inventory control such as DataQlick comes with an integrated purchase order management system, so that even small local businesses can afford it.