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Running a small business can be very difficult. Sometimes it’s difficult to motivate yourself to work when you simply don’t feel like it. There are two areas of control that are crucial in running a small business. The first is self-control and the second is everything else.

Self-control is something that most people struggle with. The world is full of temptations in every shape and form. To say no to all of them is near impossible. Self-control is inherently linked with productivity, so if you’re lacking in self-control your productivity will suffer. Before looking to control everything else, you need to get to grips with yourself.

With regard to self-control there’s certain things you need to remember. Perhaps most importantly, you need to remember that you are a human being and you are fallible. Once you have accepted this you can stop beating yourself up every time you give in to temptation. Following is a list of guidelines that can help you to gain control of yourself:

  • Don’t be afraid to say no — If somebody asks you to take on another commitment and you simply don’t have time, say no. Too many people think that this word is too strong but often it is necessary.
  • Problem? Fix it — If you run into a problem, don’t spend all day worrying about it. Try to find a solution. Worrying will get you nowhere.
  • Stay positive — Positivity breeds positivity.
  • Eat, exercise & sleep — If you’re going to have control of your mind you need to take care of your body. These three are imperative to laying the groundwork to success.

Now that you’ve got control of yourself, you can look at everything else. In terms of your business, a good way to gain control of inventory, sales, finances and data analysis is to adopt a cloud-based inventory control software. This productive inventory control software allows all of the above to be stored in a concise manner in an easily accessible location.

A productive inventory control will give you more control over the aspects of your business that make you money. Ultimately by adopting this planning and control system you will have better control over the potential success of your business. Productivity is dependent on control. With increased control comes increased productivity.