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Who doesn’t want to quit their day job and work for themselves? It’s the dream of so many people and the spirit that drives millions of entrepreneurs every day. The odds are often stacked against them and the competition is fierce, but inspiration — and success — can be found in the most unlikely places.

Kory Stevens was in Paris when inspiration struck for his new startup. Was he gazing out at the River Seine or looking up at the Eiffel Tower when inspiration came to him? No, he was noticing how many people weren’t wearing socks.

His observation about the sockless trend in Europe got him thinking about no-show socks since, let’s face it, going barefoot in nice shoes simply isn’t a good idea. When he returned home, he and his wife immediately set about establishing the company Taft. They worked with several different companies to create prototypes and samples, struggling to find the perfect fit.

Then everything began to come together. They found the perfect factory and developed the skills they needed to make some real progress. They also began to understand the importance of social media, business oriented apps, multi-channel sales and a robust ecommerce inventory management app to keep everything in check.

The result? Taft now is a globally recognized company, known for their iconic socks and high-end shoes. They even made headlines when their social media campaigns came together and resulted in a day of sales that topped $40,000.

The story of Taft is one many people have found truly inspirational. The young family started out with zero knowledge on how to produce their own line, much less market it online. But thanks to their ingenuity when it came to using online tools like Instagram and Kickstarter, they’re now a modern day fairy tale story that has inspired entrepreneurs all over the world.