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Nothing will make your clients doubt the professionalism of your business like inventory fulfillment issues. Because statistics show that 63% of all inventory fulfillment issues are the cause of simple human errors related to manual process management, wouldn’t it be ideal if there were some way of improving this process.

But there is! Companies who address their inventory process management with advanced automated inventory software manage this crucial procedure far more effectively. By maximizing the use of DataQlick inventory software, business owners can avoid the scathing costs of errors and the tarnished company image that often accompanies these issues.

DataQlick is designed to address this very situation and provides several turnkey solutions to avoiding the kind of errors that can cause so much disruption to smooth operations. Following are some of the breeding grounds for human error that can be addressed and eliminated with DataQlick software.

Complex Storage Facilities — large warehouses as well as multiple warehouses can be confusing and using dated inventory methods guarantee that something will be lost in communication. But with the support of barcode tracking systems and mobile inventory control the whole process is streamlined and the possibility for human error is greatly reduced.

Prolonged Processing — the longer it takes to complete the task, the greater chances there are for human error. This is why the DataQlick mobile app allows inventory data to be accessed and updated in real time. With proper use, there are fewer chances of a mistake occurring and any upcoming errors, like an item going out of stock, can be predicted and avoided.

Inventory Control Issues — a huge part of inventory management has to do with minimizing losses due to damaged goods or perishable goods as well as goods that are simply lost in the process.

Again many of the underlying causes that result in loss of inventory are simply addressed with the application of an inventory management tool that can be accessed and updated in real time. This means you will always have access to data on the location, age and conditions of your goods even when they are in transit.

In the world of retail business, inventory management will play an important role in widening your profit margins. The inventory on which your business relies will be your single most important asset, and by applying appropriately advanced management techniques you can prevent it from becoming a liability.