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Now DataQlick allows to manage multiple locations and warehouses with just few clicks.

DataQlick is flexible multi stores and warehouse software.

It provides a centralized inventory control solution with simplest way to manage your business.

Every inventory management software has its own way and approach in processing multi-locations.  What is different about our approach? Our main focus is ALL-INCLUSIVE SIMPLICITY. Anything in DataQlick is within 2 clicks (or sometimes 3 J)… and we want to keep it this way.


Here are just few points about this feature.

Manage inventory across all locations on a single platform


  • Visualize all your stores and locations in one simple centralized product view
  • Transfer stock between warehouses and stores in 2 clicks
  • Easily create a transfer order document and shift stock between your warehouses and store locations
  • Organize and control multiple online sales channels and multiple warehouses at the same time
  • Define primary store location out of many for all stock receipt on Purchase Orders. When the purchase order is received it will direct the stock into that specific location automatically.
  • Fulfill sales orders from any specific store
  • Automatic decrease of inventory when the sales order is fulfilled from assigned primary location
  • Instant visibility to sales for each store
  • Forecast and Purchases recommendations are calculated automatically for each location
  • Visualize inventory shortages for each location and act accordingly – transfer stock or create Purchase Order in few clicks (again …. 3-clicks max rule)
  • And more…



There is a main distinction between location and warehouse:

  • Stores – are used for physical or virtual online store or registers where products are being stored and sold
  • Warehouses – are physical of virtual places where products are being stored (not sold)

About Locations:

In DataQlick we can segregate and track sales for each established Store location if sales at this location will be processed from inside DataQlick application. 

Each Store will be treated as a separate Sales Channel.  It will have its own calculated sales runrate, Reorder points and color-coded product status identification.

About Warehouses:

DataQlick offers simplified version of warehouse management system (WMS) which enables centralized management of tasks such as tracking inventory levels as well as transfers between multiple store locations and warehouses.