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There was a time when plenty of companies didn’t bother with social media. After all, wasn’t it created as a way for people to keep in touch with each other? Was there really room for a professional presence in the land of cat videos and updates on Aunt Martha’s bunion surgery?

But, as time went by, more and more people realized that engaging with customers on social media wasn’t only welcomed, but it soon became expected. Now companies have to balance quality over quantity when it comes to what to post. That balancing act has left some companies with the feeling that it simply isn’t worth the effort, but ignoring social media simply isn’t an option.

  • Social Media Expands Your Customer Base — If you want to reach more customers, social media is the way to do it. Creating content that is shareable makes it easy for already loyal customers to spread the word — without spending a penny!
  • Ignoring Social Media Means Ignoring Customers — If you’re not on some sort of social media, then customers may feel like you’re simply not interested in them. These days, that equates to getting the cold shoulder.
  • Interaction Humanizes Your Company — Want to avoid looking heartless and cold? Ramp up those social media campaigns. It’ll humanize your company and make you more approachable.
  • Increase Brand Exposure and Recognition — When people share your content, it will be posted as them sharing something directly from your company. Friends, family and far-flung acquaintances who never would have heard of you otherwise will suddenly be given a direct link to your page and your catalog.
  • Transparency, Transparency, Transparency — Keeping your conversations and interaction with customers on your public wall and pages will make it easy for others to get an idea on how well you handle customer service.

Being on social media isn’t easy, but the work is well worth it. You can promote your catalog through every social media channel, offering direct and special pricing and even insider deals that will keep people tuned in. Just be sure your inventory app for small business keeps you on top of stock levels so your customer service remains as engaging as your content.