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Recently Intuit announced that they would be opting to embrace a purely cloud-based accounting software. This was met with gasps throughout the industry from accountants that were already comfortable using Quickbooks desktop product API.

In a world where technology is growing exponentially year-on-year, companies like Quickbooks need to take the step to adopt these emerging technologies if they want to keep up with the times. Clearly Intuit have acknowledged this and are committed to doing so. While being faced with challenges in ‘unchartered territories’, it is widely accepted that cloud-based technology is the future and it is easier to go with the tide than to go against it.

At the moment this seems like a new technology that should be approached with caution. Over the course of time, the intricacies will be figured out and the capabilities will be endless.

As Quickbooks is moving to the cloud, it is time that all other business related technologies join them. They already have a number of apps readily available for customers who deal with other business and management concepts. In particular they have one that provides an online inventory system to users. The Quickbooks inventory app allows small businesses to manage inventory across many locations in Quickbooks.

The integration of all these business services onto one platform is what separates Quickbooks inventory app from the rest. By being able to tie-in your accountancy data with your inventory data and your point of sale data, you get a comprehensive set of accurate data that you can access via your mobile device, such as iPad, or computer from any location at the touch of a button.

The multi-function nature of Quickbooks shows that Intuit are committed to developing their products and that they actually care about keeping their customers happy. For this reason, Quickbooks looks set to continue as market leaders. They show their true business ethic by adapting their products to changes in technology and to changes to customers needs.

There is no doubt that other companies like Quickbooks need to follow suit. If they don’t, they may just get left behind.