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It is true that in this day and age retail businesses need data for better inventory management. There are a couple of reasons for this. Data is useful because it can tell you things about your business that cannot be obtained as easily through observation. With good sales and customer data, you learn which products are selling best and when they are selling best. Furthermore, you learn which particular products aren’t selling. However, this information doesn’t hold much value until you act based on it. That’s where data comes into inventory management.

By analyzing the data, one can make intelligent business decisions. The data is a key to better inventory management as it allows you to choose which products you should have more of or less of in your inventory. This in turn increases sales and frees up space that obsolete products were occupying.

A good method of gathering and collating this data is with small business product inventory software. This allows all information regarding sales and inventory to be stored in one location that can be accessed remotely from any place that has Internet access. The benefit of using cloud-based software is that you can access your inventory and sales data on the go using your mobile device. It is particularly suitable for business owners who operate from more than one location.

Small business product inventory software has changed the game for small business owners. Before this software, it was a process that required many man-hours to count stock, compile data and analyze it. In fact, before this software, most small business owners didn’t participate in the activity because it was simply too time-consuming. Now that this type of software is available to the small business owner, they can finally compete with the larger companies that previously were out-performing them.

Excel sheets are now the past. It is time for business owners to adapt to the changing times.