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Sellsy has become a popular new small business inventory forecasting app that works to also manage inventory. We wanted to see what it had to offer so we decided to do some digging and check out its features and reviews from customers who have shared their experiences online.

The Features

Sellsy is a pretty robust application and it offers versatility in the form of stock level alerts and access to historical data that can help with future forecasting. It’s build to be compact and quick, making it a good choice for its intended audience of smaller companies and freelancers working with small stock.

When it comes to stock alone, Sellsy truly delivers. They offer direct automatic cost calculation, the direct sending of orders and it’s easy to integrate information on sales and stocks across both online and traditional shops.

The Problems

While Sellsy offers plenty to like, there are some drawbacks to its smaller build, especially as a company grows. Sellsy doesn’t integrate fully with software packages used for forecasting or analysis such as Google 365 or any of the Microsoft Office 365 suite. For companies that rely on connectivity, this can be a problem.

Their social media and email platforms are also somewhat limited, preventing the app from being a truly integral part of a company’s overall strategy for marketing and sales. Other users, especially those trying this type of app for the first time, report that it’s not especially user friendly and requires plenty of time learning the ins and outs. Again, this can potentially pose a problem for business owners who want something a bit more intuitive based.

Overall, Sellsy appears to be good at what it aims to do, which is to manage stock levels. It falls flat a bit, however, when it comes to offering a more robust and well-rounded view of how that inventory interacts with other areas such as shipping, purchasing and marketing. While Sellsy may be a good solution for smaller companies who don’t mind compartmentalizing these areas, others that want integrated data may need to look elsewhere.