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There’s no doubt about it — business intelligence is the foundation for long-term success. By analyzing and interpreting data from every aspect of a company’s operations, owners and managers can work together to create an effective and innovative business strategy.

So how can DataQlick help in achieving this goal? Our comprehensive sales analyses options can give you an answer. With DataQlick it’s possible and easy to compare sales, profit margins and costs from any time period. Want to compare holiday sales over the course of a few years? Not a problem. Want to focus on summer trends? Simply customize the date range to include the timeframe you want along with any integrated data from across the DataQlick platform.

Sales Analyses Comparison and Reports

The Sales Analysis interface with DataQlick offers simple, instant reports that show yearly trends as well as breakouts. Since you can customize the time range to use, that means any type of comparison can be used. That can be a powerful tool in order to explore extremely tight timeframes even if they occur during other times of change. A retail company, for example, can compare their sales on Black Friday or Cyber Monday as a part of their overall holiday sales or in contrast to the rest of that season.

Businesses can also get better analysis and gain more insight by being able to compare more than general sales and profit. They can zone in on the cost of their goods already sold or the cost of the goods still taking space in the warehouse against that profit margin. This gives them a unique perspective on sales and how they can be impacted by inventory metrics like cycle time and warehouse efficiency.

Sales Analyses Finer Details

Perhaps the best part of the DataQlick approach is that this analysis can be done using a wide range of variations in terms of data sources. Data can be taken based on general categories or single items. This means it’s easy to get big picture impressions, as well as finer details focused on smaller groups of products or customers.

Sales analyses drive business intelligence. Without the ability to access and analyze integrated data across all areas of business, a company simply can’t get an accurate big picture. The versatility and flexibility DataQlick offers makes it a standout among other ERP integrated packages.