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For millennia, sending stock from one place to another has been a problem for warehouse managers. Ancient merchants invented the idea of insurance just to avoid the disastrous loss of their wealth when storms sank their ships at sea. In the modern era, trucking accidents and thefts are often the source of the largest problems in inventory management, and the field of risk management has arisen to combat these losses. There are many steps that inventory managers can take to prevent or assuage these problems, and as in so many other aspects of modern business, most of the solutions to this persistent problem of loss in transit have come from the realm of digital communication.


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The typical warehouse today maintains a complete and accurate record of all of the items in its possession, as well as their location and condition, thanks to the digital records of inventory management programs such as DataQlick. The most important part of risk management in transit comes from communicating the content of deliveries to the carriers, which can be done when the product is initially vended, including the nature of the shipping contract. All parties can be acquainted with this data, from vendor to client to carrier, along with the information about the product itself. While the product is in transit, Wi-Fi signals can allow the condition of the shipment to be updated moment by moment. Estimates of conditions for their movement abroad can be sent to smartphones, and when accidents cause loss, that data can be immediately verified and recorded via specific software.

A powerful inventory management application is able to let drivers know that their deliveries are closely tracked, and that they can count on their managers for help in tough situations. Finally, the completion of every delivery can be verified and approved by all parties involved at the point of receiving, a benefit that will go far in preventing misunderstanding at later points.