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Dealing with POS systems is never easy, even in a small business. This is especially true for companies just beginning to learn how POS systems can help grow business and improve overall inventory control. So what issues should you be keeping tabs on to ensure your POS system is a help instead of a hindrance? We’ve gathered the top 5 POS issues that are well worth watching.

  1. Inventory Systems That Lack Communication

Tracking and controlling inventory is a critical part of your business. The same can be said about your POS system since it tracks what’s being sold, when, to whom and from what inventory stock. Your inventory and vend POS app should be tied together so they can communicate between each other easily.

  1. Inventory That’s Hard to Track

One of the pieces of information your POS and inventory systems must share is SKU information. SKUs (Stock-Keeping Units) help to track individual items. Sometimes a company will use the UPC labels included by the manufacturer, but if your manufacturer changes their UPC format, you’re left with two different pieces of SKU information for the same product — an issue that can cause huge inventory issues down the road.

  1. The Fickle Shopping Cart Problem

Preventing shopping cart abandonment means maintaining your website. Make sure payment options are varied and prominently displayed. Be clear about what your customers need to do to complete their order and, of course, keep your website clean, well-designed and monitored so that you can handle glitches and problems easily.

  1. Not Tracking Data

Track data that concerns turnaround time on inventory as well as sales data so that you can predict future sales and determine which campaigns and initiatives are driving sales and attracting customers. For companies that deal with different forms of inventory, data tracking needs to be even more comprehensive. A bookshop that deals with new, remaindered and new books for example, will want to track new inventory and second hand inventory separately. That means adding an inventory consignment app to inventory software for newer items.

  1. Social Media Ghost Towns

Social media is a vital part of customer service, plain and simple. Customers want to deal with companies that are approachable and maintain open communication. Keep up to date on all your social media networks without spreading yourself too thin. Don’t worry about being on every single platform. Instead focus on one or two that fit your brand.