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By now most business owners know that expanding their online retail platforms can garner big gains, but still very few are willing to take the plunge. Some may worry about “getting it all just right” or they may have concerns over whether or not an online sales app is really worth the time and expense of a development team. So we decided to dig into the stories of a handful of companies that took the plunge and saw it pay off to understand why it works and how you can improve your chances for success.


One of the best examples of why a mobile ecommerce purchase order app works is that it gives customers the ability to tailor their order down to the finest detail. Seedling Comic Studio felt this could be what set them apart — and they were right. Their mobile app gives customers the chance to build comics based on photos they upload right to the app. Their up-sell approach is to include relate comic-themed merchandise which increases both exposure and sales.


Want you mobile ecommerce purchase order app to really make an impression? Keep your product line tight. Chubbie’s Shorts have seen a huge improvement in how people react to their app that focuses on — you guessed it — their line of shorts. While their product line may be modest, it means their mobile app runs much quicker, making shopping easier and more enjoyable for their target audience.

Ease of Use & Instant Integration

Of course, the biggest advantage to a mobile ecommerce purchase order app is that it should be easier to use than any other platform you offer. That’s not to say it’s okay for your main online retail channel to be cumbersome, but your mobile app should be the leanest thing you offer. It should also easily and seamlessly connect with your main website. That way, when a customer loads up their cart while they’re on the go, they can log in at home and browse some more though your main app without losing what they’ve accomplished via your mobile option.

Your mobile app should also integrate with your internal software like inventory and ecommerce purchase orderapp suites. That way inventory and shipping can be notified as stock levels are affected by surges in orders without having to be monitored manually. At the end of the day, your mobile app should make both your customers and your company more agile.