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Making the most out of social media marketing can be a pretty tall order. Online marketing in general presents unique challenges when compared to more traditional marketing. Marketing on social media adds a whole new dimension thanks to its fast pace and increased chance for interaction. But this doesn’t mean you have to become a social media guru to make the most out of these powerful ecommerce sales tools. Instead, we’ve brought together three simple but effective advanced methods you can easily use to enhance your social media marketing campaign.

Collect Data

Collecting data on current customers helps with forecasting for small business. By the same token, you can use your social media outlets to engage with and learn about your current customer base and casual fans to plan marketing strategies. Facebook offers new ways to gain insight on what people are talking about, how often your company is mentioned and other tools that give companies a glimpse into what makes their customers tick. Take advantages of these tools across all of your social media platforms and consider working with a data firm if you want to go even farther.

Make the Campaign the Hub

Running a social media campaign can feel a bit disjointed when you’re juggling several portals. Make it easier to manage the campaign and present a seamless campaign by making the campaign itself the hub, instead of focusing on a specific channel. After all, the aim of your campaign isn’t to collect the most likes, rewteets or pins – it’s about driving traffic and sales.

Make it Mobile

Social media, like most other online activities, is happening more and more often through mobile phones. As you develop various social media campaigns, be sure that it is accessible via mobile apps for each platform. The content you choose – from picture types to interactive apps – should be accessible across all desktop and mobile platforms. This instills confidence and makes it easier for people to share with their circle of friends.