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An ecommerce website caters to a large audience that is scattered in different regions and possibly different time zones as well. However, it is an online shop that is open 24 X 7 hence it has to service clients at all possible time. This is why an order management software is very critical for an ecommerce site. The ecommerce order management software, not only helps in servicing clients but also helps in recording data and ensuring that the entire process of order and delivery is smooth.

It is not only completes the ordering process but also helps manage the backend that allows your ecommerce portal to reflect the right products, inventory and offers. When the system is robust and feature-rich, you won’t need to waste time in correcting errors or gathering information on sales. Some important functions that ecommerce order management software performs are:


    • Multichannel Inventory Management
      With such a software, you can easily track your inventory and execute bulk orders efficiently. It will automatically update all the records and help you know the stocks. The customers won’t need to wait for your reply. They can simply login the software and know if the required quantity is available or not. Multi-channel inventory management also become easy for sales representatives.


      • Coupon Codes, Offers & Discounts
        Most ecommerce sites also want to manage the offers and coupon codes rolled out. You do not want people to misuse an offer and get excessive discounts, leaving you in jeopardy. With the right ecommerce order management software, you can easily manage the coupon codes and be sure that the offers & discounts will only be given to genuine users and stop people from misusing the same.


        • Automated accounting
          You can keep a record of all the money coming in and the many sales orders. You can look out for order confirmations, shipment costs and all other relevant details here. With a touch of a button, all the information entered by sales representatives or buyers is sent to the software.


          • Managing multiple orders
            With ecommerce order management software, you need not remember all orders or write them down. Ask your employees to have their personal logins and enter the data into the software. When you login, you can easily get customer information, inventory levels, prices etc here.