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As one year draws to a close and a new one begins, many companies find themselves making plans for how they’ll manage their business more effectively while growing the company. In some cases, the focus is on social media, marketing and outreach initiatives. In other cases, the focus turns inward towards integrated systems that can help manage business more effectively. But a truly smart company knows they don’t have to focus on one or another — there are solutions that tackle both head on.

Integrated sales, purchasing and inventory application suites can help to improve internal operations while giving a boost to promotions, marketing and social networking. Suites that include a POS sales analysis app, for example, can feed data gleaned from every sales channel into a program that can then make forecasts on inventory needs, future sales and even when to launch a perfectly time promotion.

In fact, applications that focus on POS sales offer the greatest insight into how a business can grow. Not only to these applications reflect data on actual sales, they are also used to log returns. This gives you information on why specific items are being returned whether they come back through Internet orders or physical retail shops. This can help pinpoint problems in supply, a lowered quality of goods or even just a shift in consumer appeal.

Using a POS sales analysis app may be one of the biggest and most effective changes you can bring to your business in the New Year. Not only can they improve how you receive and interpret business data across multiple sales channels, they can also give you insight into what’s selling — and what’s not. That helps every aspect of your business from marketing and promotions to inventory management and supplier budgeting. The bottom line? A healthier bottom line in 2016.