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Adopting a mobile-friendly inventory control and planning solution is an effective way for any business to improve some of its most important processes, while reducing employee strain and minimizing human errors. The mobile phenomenon has had a major impact on inventory management as well, and today even small businesses can afford to turn their inventory control and planning into a mobile-friendly experience, which employees can access conveniently in and out of the office. Equally effective for e-commerce stores and brick and mortar businesses, a mobile-friendly inventory control and planning solution brings with it some undeniable benefits.

Improves Inventory Management Efficiency

Inventory control and planning have always been time-consuming processes prone to human error, especially when spreadsheets have been used over a dedicated inventory system. More than automation, a mobile-friendly inventory control app empowers employees to access inventory data in real time, whether they are in the warehouse, at home, or on the road. They can check, analyze, modify, and act upon that data when they are away from their office computer. Consequently, stock issues can be dealt with as soon as they appear, before they degenerate into unfulfilled orders and arguments with warehouse managers.

Streamlines the Inventory Control Process

Equipped with a smartphone, employees can take advantage of their device’s built-in camera to photograph items or scan bar codes, without the need for a dedicated scanner. This allows for the faster and more effective resolution of return orders, and it can also help with maintaining more accurate stock data and better organizing stock items in a warehouse. With mobile technology, an online retail small business may even eliminate the need for a full-blown inventory barcode scanning system.

Simplifies the Management of a Large Inventory

A cloud inventory management software for small business that works on mobile devices allows for the faster processing of a large inventory, including the paperless exchange of data related to it via email and other channels. Purchase orders can be created on location using preexisting templates, while data capture and entry can be systematized and used to provide more accurate product descriptions for the inventory database. And because a good online inventory system comes with integrated task management capabilities, it is possible for inventory managers to assign tasks to other employees within the app, without the need for phone calls, emails, or a separate collaboration app.

Ultimately, a mobile-friendly inventory control and planning solution enables businesses of any size to make their inventory control process more streamlined and dynamic without increasing resource allocation or costs. If your company plans to adopt a cloud-based inventory control app, choosing a mobile-friendly one is a smart decision that brings you a high return on your investment.