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A business dashboard helps your business grow. It provides a quick overview of your sales, profits, and inventory; sales and forecast recommendations; and a wealth of other crucial business numbers and metrics. Advanced dashboards include valuable tools such as in-depth sales analysis with charts and graphs, automated reporting, and task management. Whether you run a small local shop, an e-commerce site, or any other type or small business, a dashboard provides simple business intelligence for small businesses that saves you time, reduces stress, and helps you make better business decisions that can ultimately up your profits.

In a post published on Forbes, serial entrepreneur Dave Lavinsky highlighted the many benefits of using a small business dashboard and how they can help your business grow. Here’s a roundup of what he had to say.

  • A small business dashboard provides you with the crucial sales, inventory, and forecasting numbers you need on a daily basis. It tells you what’s going on with your business, and helps highlight those areas which require your attention.
  • Spares you and your staff the trouble of having to use spreadsheets to keep track of sales, take care of inventory management, or create reports. Reports are automatically generated based on business data. A dashboard makes simple business intelligence for small businesses not only possible, but also presents it in a way that’s easy to digest.
  • Makes measuring, tracking, and watching key numbers easier, helping you identify problem areas and fix them. When you see red numbers or downward pointing arrows, they serve as warning indicators, and you naturally want to take action to turn them into green numbers and arrows pointing up, toward profit.
  • Keeps you better informed about your business, reducing stress. Because a cloud-based small business dashboard and online inventory system like DataQlick can be accessed on the Web, through your browser, and also works on mobile devices, it enables you to keep an eye on the key numbers even when you’re not in the office.
  • Increase your productivity, as well as the productivity of your sales team and inventory management team. A small business dashboard brings together your essential business data and uses color-coding, graphs, charts, statistics, and reports to help you understand that data much faster than you would if you had to deal with spreadsheets or traditional business reports.

A good dashboard provides more than simple business intelligence for small businesses. It can also act as an inventory control software, sales forecasting tool, calendar, task manager, and more. Dashboard Stream’s DataQlick comes with all of these powerful features, and is a cost-effective dashboard solution for your small business, whether you’re selling bakery goods or high-tech services.