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Retail businesses of all sizes and channels should be taking advantage of the many technological advantages from management support software that can increase the effectiveness of their vital processes.

Competition in today’s markets come down to cents and seconds and having some of these tedious tasks conveniently automated is one way to stop up the leaks that can hold your business back.

For example, your inventory control and management solutions can be adapted to mobile devices. This arrangement, in the hands of specific inventory personnel successfully reduces time and effort spent in counting goods and the chances of simple human errors that cost the retail industry millions and billions each year.

Following are a couple ways of cutting the costs of time and resources you regularly spend on inventory management with mobile inventory management apps.

First, beyond applying a simply automated solution to your inventory management, using mobile friendly business management software means that the work force needed to manage large scale or small-scale inventories can be greatly reduced. Ergo, more hands for other projects or simply more time on yours.

Instead of using the traditional “spreadsheet” methods, where figures were painstakingly produced on the long count and subject to many costly errors, the mobile inventory app can be updated in real-time to a cloud inventory application available to all designated employees.

With your improved powers of supervision you, actions can then be taken immediately to best manage the so nothing is misplaced, damaged or otherwise wasted.

Second, by having your warehouse staff performing inventory counts and maintenance with mobile devices rather than dedicated scanners you can expect higher speed and resolution in your stock data. Greater accuracy will prevent you from encountering customer delivery issues and problems with suddenly going out of stock in the middle of a hot sale season, and they are almost upon us — See our Article on Preparing Inventory for the Holidays

Finally, a mobile inventory management system can place your business in the best position for success. Sun Tzu defines success as “the timely meeting of opportunity and preparation”. The best way you will prepare for favorable business is by having an inventory control system that places all your need to know data at your fingertips.

DataQlick inventory management app can successfully integrate your accounting system data with your inventory management system, this means when it comes time to place new orders you will have the important details right at your fingertips. All your previous purchase orders, popular stock products that will need to be kept in supply and the locations and conditions of your current stock as well, will be ready for you to make a formidable plan for success.