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DataQlick offers an easy-to-use, quality dashboard that denies all clutter and provides only relevant information needed for your business to function properly. If you are using, or are considering using, the inventory analysis and planning app we suggest you read through this quick review of what the DataQlick dashboard offers. Note that we will only be reviewing the main dashboard, not the inventory manager, sales analyses, tasks, or calendar tabs as most of those are self-explanatory.

The Sales Summary

When you open the dashboard tab, you are greeted with a long string of numbers. If you look up to the top of the tab, you will see three buttons under sales summary saying; “month”, “quarter”, and “year.” Selecting one of the three will change the numbers below it to reflect the profits and losses you’ve experienced over that timeframe. Looking to the right you will see a tab that lists two dates. By clicking on it, you can adjust these dates to fit within the confines of a specified timeframe.

Looking below the three timeframe tabs, you can see a long series of integers. The first marks the amount of total sales and is colored green. Beneath the green colored numbers, you’ll see a similar set of red colored integers that denote similar things as the ones above. Looking in between the string of numbers, there is a checkmark titled; “YoY.” This stands for Year-over-Year and will compare your current results with those of another time period.

The Inventory Summary

Here, you can see the total cost of inventory, the turnover, and the percent in inventory. Looking down, you will see a multicolored bar. This bar monitors your inventory health index and specifies it further with a number (in the picture above; 2.28)

Below that, we can see four numbers that monitor the availability of your inventory. The red number indicates that you are running low on an item. The orange number indicates that you are almost out of stock. The green number indicates that you are at proper levels (and is the most desirable). The blue number indicates that you are over stocking an item. You can use this tab to manage your resources in an easy-to-use environment.

The Forecast

Finally, we see the forecast tab. This tab assists you in helping make future decisions based off of your numbers. You first see your forecasted numbers over three months. Below that is the Sales and Forecast Recommendations graph, which indicates how much you’ve sold [in blue], how much the graph recommends you should sell (light green), the quantity on hand (green), and what is on order (yellow).

As you can see, the DataQlick inventory analysis and planning app contains a host of useful information presented in a user-friendly format. It gets rid of the clutter and is accessible at all times, containing all the information you need to make well informed decisions for your company.