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Every part of a business connects with the rest. There are no areas that truly stand alone once you start to look at the Big Picture. Still, it can sometimes be difficult to see these connections up close. Balancing inventory management with social media marketing is a great example of this. While the two may seem disconnected at first, the truth is that they can work with each other to improve each area.

Inventory management applications are often integrated into accounting, sales and other areas of business management. They are rarely, however, considered when a company is gearing up for a social media campaign. This oversight can hurt the overall efficacy of your campaign and may even affect your sales.

The goal of any marketing campaign is to drive interest and traffic — and hopefully sales — directly to your online or retail stores. Launching a campaign via social media and through mobile ecommerce apps can effectively achieve this goal but it also has a direct and near immediate impact on inventory flow.

Managing sales data from across multiple channels gives you a real time snapshot of how your campaign is being received by customers and which products may also do well in a similar setting. If you find a campaign works for one type of hooded jacket, for example, you can easily introduce other similar styles or complementary items to the same campaign. Not only can this increase the efficacy of the campaign, it also showcases your company’s flexibility.

The fat is that in the 21st Century, everything is interconnected for business. Your warehouse team and software is no longer something to be maintained separately from management, marketing and finance. In fact, these teams can come together to collaboratively create campaigns that will take you company to the next level.