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Sure you know about all the online business tools that can help you grow and manage your company, but what about when you’re NOT online? These 5 business hacks can help make the time you’re away from your computer just as productive as any amount of screen time.

Be Afraid!

Business leaders are often told to think, act and speak fearlessly, but this can actually be counterproductive. Instead, take some time to write down and focus on your fears for the present and future. This exercise isn’t about getting you worked up into a full blown panic attack, it’s actually about setting out your concerns so that you can develop a plan to deal with them. Of course, some fears will end up being pretty far-fetched and unlikely, but ones that seem plausible should be considered and even planned for.

It’s OK to Be Wrong

Small business management is no easy task and it’s not realistic to expect perfection from yourself. While no leader wants to be wrong, it’s important to deal with the issue in the best way. If you find yourself in a position where you’ve made the wrong choice or even full-on failed at something, salvage the situation by learning from it, dealing with fallout head on and moving forward a little wiser.

Delegate Already!

Delegating is probably the most common piece of advice that business owners never take to heart. Running a business is about trusting your team, so surround yourself with people who know their stuff and then get out of the way and let them work their magic.

Find Ways to Be a Bit Lazy

Sometimes being at the forefront of your industry is accomplished by piggybacking on the success and ideas of others. Entrepreneur Stephen Key has built his own business on this principle and his work proves it works.

Time Is MORE Than Money

Your time is worth more than just about anything else. After all, you can always find a way to make more money, but you’ll never find a way to get more time. So spend it wisely — and that sometimes means taking a break, recharging and treating your personal time as the valuable commodity it is.