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Purchase orders have often been seen as something from the bygone days of business and inventory management. But the truth is that purchase orders are an integral part of any successful business and can help keep costs in check, monitor the value vendors offer, and even reveal the true cost of inventory.

With all that purchase orders can offer, we at DataQlick knew we had to make them a part of our system, as well. That’s why we’ve developed ways to integrate them into our own system as an inventory purchase order application that brings together DataQlick features with established names like QuickBooks and Shopify.

The DataQlick system is designed to deliver help with every aspect of running a business. That includes inventory management and vendor reviews — two things that purchase orders can do perfectly.

By using our purchase order features, clients can track their past orders, compare them to what was actually delivered and keep notes on vendor performance in terms of delivery times, quality and customer service. The end result is a system that not only shows what’s on hand and what’s coming in — but also which vendors and products are worth the effort both in terms of sales and workflow.

Our purchase order functionality brings together the best of both worlds. Not only do you get the reliability and reference points offered by using purchase orders, it’s a system that’s fully integrated into our cloud based software. The final product is a system that’s flexible, robust and able to adapt to the marketplace quickly.

At DataQlick we’ve embraced the technology and approach that makes modern day businesses thrive and that means understanding the foundation for success comes from those who came before us. Purchase orders are one of the oldest management tools and they’re just as relevant today as they were back when clouds were something you only saw in the sky.