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Shopify has emerged as one of the best e-commerce platforms in the world. It’s robust, heart, customizable and easy to use once you learn the ropes. It’s also a leader when it comes to making their program easy to learn, no matter what skills level someone has. So with all it has to offer, leave it to DataQlick to sweeten the deal.

DataQlick understands the importance of retail sales analysis software that can communicate and share data easily with an ecommerce platform. That’s why we offer full integration with Shopify making it so you don’t need to tweak programs or deal with redundant data entry just to gain the business intelligence you need to grow.

By using DataQlick alongside your Shopify store, companies can:

  • Utilize a streamlined processing of all data
  • Implement centralizing inventory tracking from purchasing to sales
  • Create, manage and archive purchase order information for multiple vendors
  • Establish reorder points based on sales forecasting
  • Sync purchasing details with accounting software
  • Gain business intelligence based on internal data and multi-channel sales outlets

These benefits work hand in hand with the advantages a Shopify platform already offers to its users. It also provides more opportunity for companies to develop their customer base and expand their services since it streamlines so much of the work associated with running an online business.

Finally, it gives companies greater flexibility when it comes to cultivating the data that creates true business intelligence. This is the foundation not only to improve the current workflow for employees but also the way to improve customer service relationships, industry reputation and ultimate, sales and profitability.

Flexibility and adaptiveness are necessary traits in the business world. DataQlick is committed to integration with new platforms, including Shopify. Our Shopify Add-On makes it possible for your company to move seamlessly from native ecommerce to the increased power and flexibility of Shopify without having to revamp everything else. In the end, that makes expansion easier and more successful.