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The Second Edition of the Essentials of Inventory Management by Max Muller provides an easy to read and concise introduction to the core aspects of inventory supply management as well theoretical and practical information for dealing with stock issues, implementing automated inventory solutions, using sales forecasting effectively, and maximizing productivity. The author, who has worked as a chief executive officer as well as a chief executive officer for several companies, writes in a flowing, easy to digest style that can appeal to both novices and professionals in the science of inventory supply management.

The Essentials of Inventory Management covers all the fundamental aspects of inventory supply management and helps you forecast inventory levels, perform effective stock replenishments, use simple formulas for profit margins, and selling price and margin percentages, make your business more efficient with financial ratios, establish an effective system for locating your stock, and decide when and how to dispose of overstock. The book covers of both physical and database inventory.

While the Essentials of Inventory Management does not offer in-depth case studies, it comes with many detailed examples and handy tools that makes the knowledge it provides readily applicable in real life situations. One of the virtues of this book is its accessibility. Max Muller’s theoretical and practical experience with inventory management informs all the chapters, and is highlighted by the pros and cons provided for every inventory management method proposed.

Overall, the Essentials of Inventory Management (Second Edition) by Max Muller is a thorough and yet accessible introduction to inventory supply management, a book which is easy to assimilate and which successfully blends in the theoretical aspect of inventory management and sales forecasting with practical applications.