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Whoever said that owning and operating a small business was going to be easy? From finding the capital to finance a startup to finding the courage and ingenuity to persevere when everything seems against you, every bit of small business ownership is a tough decision or a desperate struggle.

The best way to face the troubles specific to owning and operating a small business is understanding what the major issues are and how they can best be circumvented. Most small businesses operate off a fixed set of resources and constraints of time money and overall capacity, knowing how these assets will be appointed will prevent major catastrophes in the long run.

If you are considering starting up your own small business, there are some important challenges that you will find particular to small businesses. Knowing how to balance the disadvantages of your position with the great advantages of a small business is the key to success.

Following are some of the most common challenges faced by a small business:

Dependence on Clients — the small business scene is host to some of the thickest competition. Because of this, small business owners often find they are working with a small clients list. According to the rule of 80/20 rule, most of your income will become from a very small portion of your client list. It will be very important for the business to diversify its client list if they hope for business growth.

Cash Flow — Cash flow problems are not a matter of having a lot of income or very low income. Cash flow issues develop when cash is suddenly tied up bin assets rather than flowing in a well-appointed client-vendor-provider cycle. A revision of the books is the best way to untangle these hassles.

Competition — In this digital era, there are no unique ideas or exclusive products. This means there will be stiff competition from all sides and without a plan that sets you apart your enterprise could hit the rocks hard. To prepare to beat out the competition consider your plan for attracting and retaining clients.

The Rudiments of Finance — Not all business owners are as financially savvy as their endeavors may require them to be. When things start to turn bad, they might not notice the indicators that pull their budget system toward the gutter. If they do see them they may not have the cool confidence to balance their books without capsizing their ship. The way finances are managed will determine how far your limited resources will take you, be sure you are getting expert help if you need it.