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Investing in analysis is something many small companies overlook. The thinking is that data analysis only yields worthwhile results for larger, more established or global companies willing to invest in the sprawling retail sales analysis software suites and teams of analysists needed to interpret and present the data in a useful way. To be fair, there’s some truth in this — the data generated by some programs do require a more involved process that requires hefty investment of both time and money.

But that isn’t always the case anymore.

Today a simple but robust POS sales analysis app can help even the smallest “Mom and Pop” company compete with anyone else when it comes to developing, understanding and using business intelligence data.

POS sales analysis app offers plenty when it comes to business analysis and those benefits can have far reaching implications for your business now and in the future. With the type of analysis your company gains from POS sales data you can:

  • Track seasonal or yearly changes in sales on specific items or lines
  • Establish stock level thresholds to trigger reorders
  • Evaluate the efficacy of specific sales channels
  • See the effects of various marketing campaigns and special promotions quickly — sometimes even in real time

These insights can help you better strategize when it comes to marketing, purchasing and even warehouse management. Want to make the most out of your space without taking on the cost of renting extra storage during busy seasons? Check your seasonal spikes and lulls to identify stock that can be moved to make room for extra, high demand items. The key is in finding ways to put your data to use, and with a well-rounded program, the data delivers without the need for a team of analysts.

No matter how small you company, data is power. In order to harness the power of that data, you simply must be able to access it and a POS sales analysis app is an integral part of that process. The days of big data requiring a big investment are a thing of the past. So now there’s no excuse for any company to forgo the benefits — and potential growth — these powerful programs can offer.