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Twitter has grown in popularity with private and professional users over the past few years. Still, breaking the code to make Twitter useful for business can be difficult. But we have some tools that can help you navigate the Twitter world in order to make it a useful, effective and fun way for your company to stay in touch with customers and fellow industry leaders.


Basically, SocialBro is a marketing-centric platform for Twitter. It manages your account and community as a part of your overall small business management plan. Get details on who is in your circle, including demographic information and details on your biggest influencers. This can give you an idea of who your target audience is on Twitter, making it easier to develop focused and targeted marketing campaigns.


SocialRank is similar to SocialBro as it offers details on followers, but it goes a bit deeper. Sort by the people who follow you closely or who are the most engaged with you. This can differ from those who would be labelled as your biggest influencers, so it adds another dimension to the demographic information you can get.


Ever wish you could figure out exactly what your audience WANTS to hear on Twitter? Swayy can give you an idea. It helps you find content based directly on the interests of your readers and it even offers up relevant hashtags.


By now you’re already probably planning Tweets ahead of time and posting them as needed, but Buffer can make the process even easier. Load all your prewritten Tweets into the program and set the schedule to post them at specific intervals so you won’t be tied to your device in order to send them out. Perfect either for regular use or to ensure you can actually take some time off.


One of the biggest draws to Twitter is that it’s so relevant. Keeping up with the trends overtaking the website can be difficult and Trends24 offers help. Check out the hottest trends in your city, country or even globally. It also offers a timeline view and a list of the most popular topics and hashtags in the past 24 hours.