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When you’re running your own company you want to be able to control EVERYTHING. Sometimes that means wishing for the impossible, but when it comes to new products, DataQlick delivers the ability to quickly and easily introduce new products into your inventory and directly to your customers.

Creating a new product is, of course, quite often a long process. For originating sellers, it means beginning with research and development all the way through testing and eventual release. Even for retailers it can mean a long journey of searching through what vendors have to offer, requesting samples, comparing each one and finally settling on a price and a way to market the new item.

Either way, DataQlick understands that by the time you have a new product in hand, you want to be able to turn around and get it on offer to customers across all your channels as quickly as possible. So we’ve made our new product creation page just as simple and streamlined as every other part of the DataQlick program.

All you need to do is go in and plug in the details, giving it a unit price and assigning it to whichever color-coded category it belongs. Then it’s populated throughout the rest of the inventory system and that means it’s also accessible with any of our integrated add-ons for popular programs and platforms such as the Shopify selling app or the Intuit QuickBooks app for inventory and invoicing.

DataQlick understands that expanding your product line often means expanding your customer base and your bottom line, so we make it easy for you not only to introduce products to your customers, but also to integrate them into your business strategy and intelligence data. Simply put, we make offering new products as efficient and easy for you as your selling platform does for your customers.