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At first glance, inventory management and social media marketing may seem like two entirely different worlds. After all, one is based internally and deals with the mechanics of the company while the other is about driving interest and sales. While we all know there’s always a relationship with how a company is run and how it’s received, the connection between these two can still be hard to grasp.

The truth is, how you manage your inventory plays a huge role in how you can best market your company. Social media campaigns are notoriously fast paced. Flash sales and viral content can change the landscape of your company in a matter of moments. A product that you market wisely can suddenly go from a ho-hum performer to the hottest Must Have item of the moment.

Consider the dress that broke the Internet in 2015. The blue and black (or was it gold and white?) dress was just one of many options available through the Roman originals website. When a customer posted a photo online, a debate on its color took over the Internet, making headlines on everything from BuzzFeed to The Washington Post. The team at Roman Essentials was able to act quickly and they began selling the dress (with a gold and white version available too) on their own website as well as eBay in order to take advantage of the global buzz created by the photo and the ensuing debate.

While Dressgate is an extreme example, it does illustrate how important knowing your real time inventory can be when it comes to engaging in social media marketing. Roman Originals knew they could expand their selling platform for the dress in order to make the most out of the hype while it lasted. By the same token, you can make the most out of your own marketing best when you can manage your inventory closely and increase multi-channel sales by striking when the iron is hot.